What It Is

ESC is a multi-player gaming and social experience unlike any that exists today.

What It Is

It’s an innovative, live game theater concept that is ‘virtual-reality-esque’, enabling up to 30 people to play specially designed games in a unique and immersive setting that combines surround sound, large-screen high-definition graphics, and other special effects. You can play collaboratively or competitively, individually or in teams, one game or many.

What It Is

Our proprietary, patent-pending platform and game engine are developed in Unity, and use iPods as the players’ controllers and interface with each game. The games typically last 5-10 minutes, and we expect to run 4 to 5 games per hour. There is an MC in each theater, who runs the games, explains the rules and offers players strategies, encourages teamwork, and generally helps to create a fun experience.

What It Is

As the community of players expands and improves at the games, ESC will host game challenges and contests, which will develop into daily, weekly, and monthly competitions, extending into leagues, tournaments, and party play circumstances.

The Games

Where to play

For more information, contact inquiries@eddiessocial.com.

Who We Are

ESC was created by Edwin Schlossberg and ESI Design in 2011. The goal was to create a company that creates live, in-person, multi-player games in a variety of formats. We originally developed four formats and then created a partnership with Jere Harris, CEO of PRG, to further prototype one format in 2012. Following the success of the prototype, ESC evolved into the new LLC Eddie’s Social Club, which is owned by Perfect Client (Edwin Schlossberg) and Jere’s Social Club (Jere Harris).

ESC has also formed a special partnership with Warner Bros. for development of custom games for the ESC platform and experience.



ESI Design is an experience design firm that creates environments utilizing games and interactivity to build engagement. ESI has designed and developed the first set of games for the ESC platform, and will continue to develop games as well as provide game development advisory support for third-party developers interested in creating games for the ESC platform. For more information, visit http://esidesign.com.


Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE) is a leading worldwide publisher of videogames, both internally created and developed, as well as working with third-party game developers. WBHE supports gaming on all platforms, from videogaming consoles to PC and mobile, physical and retail versions as well as online and downloadable models. WBHE helps the WB Studio to maintain an industry-leading and defining role in the rapidly evolving entertainment marketplace, while moving consumers’ entertainment experiences into new realms. The collaboration with ESC is a prime example of the evolving nature of gaming and entertainment strategically embraced by WBHE. For more information, visit http://warnerbros.com.


PRG is the world’s leading supplier of entertainment and event technology, designing and providing integrated services and equipment, including audio, video, lighting, rigging, staging, and scenery and automation systems. PRG serves a range of markets including concert touring, corporate events, trade shows, special events, theater, television and film, from more than 40 offices in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. ESC has partnered with PRG to design and bring to life our immersive gaming experience. For more information, visit http://prg.com.


Unity Technologies is the creator of Unity, a flexible and high-performance end-to-end development platform used to create rich interactive 3D and 2D experiences. Unity’s powerful engine and editor are the foundation for developers and designers to quickly build beautiful games or apps across multiple platforms: mobile devices, consoles, desktop computers, and embedded systems. Unity also offers solutions and services for creating games and connecting with audiences, including the Unity Asset Store, Unity Cloud Build, Unity Ads, and Unity Everyplay. Unity is proud to be a partner with the new and exciting ESC Game Theater and platform. For more information, visit http://unity3d.com.

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For more information on ESC, please contact inquiries@eddiessocial.com

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